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The ACP Subscription makes it possible for an enrolled participant to receive the print materials needed for the courses. The course content is delivered online, but the completed print materials must be submitted to the Searchlight Virtual School in order to receive credit for the courses and earn the corresponding certificate. Wait for your confirmation e-mail with your Student Number before ordering the ACP subscription.

Important things to know about the Searchlight Subscription Plan

ACP Subscription Plan


With the ACP Plan, you receive the materials for these online courses:

  • Introduction to the Bible (4 tutorials)
  • Christology (2 tutorials)
  • Ecclesiology (2 tutorials)
  • History of the Church (1 tutorial)
  • Liturgy and Sacraments (3 tutorials)
  • Morality (4 tutorials)

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Important things to know about the Searchlight Subscription Plans:

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