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Online Catechist Certification for Parish Catechists and Catholic School Teachers, Confirmation Preparation for Adults, and Adult Faith Formation. 

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Looking for Adult Confirmation Preparation?

St. Augustine Participants

Enroll in the School of Christian Formation Division ONLY!

Download a Step by Step Guide for your diocese.

All Catholic Dioceses are invited to participate.

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Parish Catechists and Catholic School Teachers

Online Catechist Certification

Basic/Intermediate Catechist Certification

Parish Catechists - Diocese of Palm Beach

Foundation/Level 1 Certification

Catholic School Teachers - Diocese of Palm Beach

School of Christian Formation... Online

Adult Faith Formation & Preparation for Lay Ministry

Diocese of St. Augustine

All Catechists and Catholic School Teachers in these dioceses enroll here!

Advanced Catechist Certification

Diocese of Palm Beach

Level 2 & 3  Teacher Certification

Diocese of Palm Beach

Online Adult Confirmation Preparation

Provides a convenient way for adults to prepare for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

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