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Online Catechist Certification for Parish Catechists and Catholic School Teachers, Confirmation Preparation for Adults, and Adult Faith Formation. 

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St. Augustine Participants

Enroll in the School of Christian Formation Division ONLY!

All Catholic Dioceses are invited to participate.

Visit our Diocesan Participation page.

Parish Catechists and Catholic School Teachers

Online Catechist Certification

Basic/Intermediate Catechist Certification

Parish Catechists - Diocese of Palm Beach

Foundation/Level 1 Certification

Catholic School Teachers - Diocese of Palm Beach

School of Christian Formation... Online

Adult Faith Formation & Preparation for Lay Ministry

Dioceses of St. Augustine

All Catechists and Catholic School Teachers in these dioceses enroll here!

Advanced Catechist Certification

Diocese of Palm Beach

Level 2 & 3  Teacher Certification

Diocese of Palm Beach

Online Adult Confirmation Preparation

Provides a convenient way for adults to prepare for the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation.

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