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Approved by the Office of Catechetical Leadership, Youth and Young Adult Ministry Formation  •  Anthony C. Marchica, Director

Searchlight Virtual School Policies

The catechetical programs used by the Searchlight Virtual School are approved by the Office of Catechetical Leadership, Youth and Young Adult Ministry Formation, Diocese of Palm Beach.

The information, software, and print materials contained on the Searchlight Virtual School web site or sent to enrolled students are the property of Ocean East Publishing and the Searchlight Virtual School. Materials are intended for individual use only. Downloading, duplicating, or distributing materials for any other use is prohibited.

• Please read all directions provided on the pages of this web site. They have been included to guide you through the Searchlight Virtual School site.


• Three internet browser plug-ins may be needed for you to undertake the online course of study. Each of these is a free download from


1. Adobe Acrobat Reader: To open and use the electronic forms and course materials. If you already have Acrobat Reader, upgrade to the most current version.


• In order to earn Certificates of Completion or Catechist Certification, all students must complete the enrollment process. The enrollment process includes submitting an Enrollment Application and paying the $5.00 Processing Fee. When the enrollment process is complete, an enrolled student may purchase a Searchlight Subscription Plan.


• A Searchlight Subscription Plan is necessary for receiving the online course materials needed for each course. Purchase the appropriate subscription plan and wait for the course materials to be sent to you before beginning the courses.


• Materials for all required courses in a level will be sent following the Subscription purchase.


• It has been estimated that each program (Basic or Intermediate for catechists, Foundation Certificate or Level 1 for Catholic school teachers) can be completed comfortably within a few months. Students desiring to complete the course requirements within a shorter time frame may elect to do so. Some students have completed the courses in a few weeks when facing a deadline. The subscription is valid for one year.


• Prior to purchasing a Searchlight Subscription, carefully review the information provided, as refunds are not permitted. We want you to be sure you can access the online tutorials before purchasing your subscription.


• It is at the discretion of the Pastor or Principal to reimburse the catechist or teacher for the annual subscription. Please discuss this issue with your PCL or Parish Catechical Leader (i.e. Director of Religious Education, Coordinator of Youth Ministry,  etc.) or Principal prior to enrolling.


• For those who have secured approval for parish or school reimbursement, please print your subscription receipt and submit it to your supervisor as proof of payment. Some parish leaders or Principals may require proof of completion before reimbursement is forthcoming.


• Enrolled Searchlight Virtual School students will receive Certificates of Completion for each course after the course materials have been submitted and accepted by the Searchlight Virtual School. Course completion certificates are issued by the Office of Catechetical Leadership, Youth and Young Adult Ministry Formation, Diocese of Palm Beach.


Note: If you are participating in the Searchlight Virtual School by the recommendation of a diocese other than the Diocese of Palm Beach and your diocese is an official diocesan affiliate, your certificates of completion and certification may be issued through your own diocese.


• Certificates of Course Completion, Catechist Certification Certificates, as well as Foundation and Level 1 Certificates, are sent to the appropriate PCL or Principal. It is the responsibility of the PCL or Principal to pass these certificates on to catechists and teachers.


The Searchlight Virtual School is a division of Ocean East Publishing.

The Searchlight software programs used on this site are the property of Ocean East Publishing and are for individual use by Searchlight students.

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